Thursday, January 26, 2006

Antibacterial Socks Abound!

As I mentioned earlier, socks are an important part of keeping your feet healthy. While this can be said of many socks, it applies to one type in particular. You may not be aware but there does exist a pair of socks that actively fight for your feet. They are antibacterial socks. That's right, I said antibacterial socks. An innovative man named Bill McNally is responsible for making this wonderous achievment available to all of us. Mr. McNally realized that antibacterial socks could be fashioned by combining certain materials with silver. Silver is widely regarded for it's powerful infection fighting abilities. This vision of an infection fighting cloth led him to bring into production a sock unlike any sock before it. Beyond the sock's traditional benefits it now was also capable of preventing infections. Antibacterial socks are not just a novelty, and you should not neglect to appreciate these incredible socks and their abilities to protect us. Those of us with certain ailments that increase susceptibility to foot injury are blessed to have these antibacterial socks. These socks don't wait passively for infections to come to you. The silver woven into them actively prevents the bacteria from causing the infection to begin with. So heed my call and take an active interest in your feet by grabbing a pair of these incredible antibacterial socks.


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