Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Great Moments in Sock History

We often take our socks for granted. They were around since before we were born and we just assume that they always were. However this is not actually the case. Did you know that socks experienced an evolution much in the same way life on this planet has. What you put on your feet everyday is just the latest incarnation of what has been a massive sock evolution starting in ancient times. This so called "sock darwinism" is responsible for the fine state of socks today.

It is generally accepted that the word "sock" is derived from the latin "soccus". A brief yet concise history of the sock can be found here at sock history.

In addition, we here at Sock Talk would like to highlight a site dedicated to theories about the truth behind missing socks. Though we have recently put alternate theories to rest with our hard hitting sock expose "Missing Socks Found", we do encourage readers to check out this interesting sock site.


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