Sunday, February 05, 2006

Missing Socks Found!

Do you ever wonder what happens to those socks you can never find? It happens to all of us. One minute we have a pair of socks, and the next minute we only have one sock. Where did that sock go? There seems to be no logical explanation. Is it alien abduction? Perhaps, an international sock kidnapping conspiracy. No, it is none of those things. I'm here today to tell you good people out there what really happens to those missing socks. After careful "studying" of the situation, our scientists have confirmed an alternate sock universe. Yes that's right, a universe where all the lost socks now reside. While details of the sock universe remain scarce, we can say that it seems that all the socks that have disappeared eventually reappear in this other dimension. What we still don't understand is why only one sock. We don't know who or what is responsible for this massive sock heist, but we will get to the bottom of it. While tests are still being administered, we felt that it was of the utmost importance to share this breaking sock news with you concerned citizens.

In addition, I'd like to congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers on their recent Super Bowl victory. I think we all know what everyone on that team had in common. That's right, they were all wearing socks! Proof positive that regular sock use makes you a champion.


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