Monday, April 17, 2006

Choose Your Sock Wisely

When looking to purchase socks there are a number of factors to consider. Most importantly there is the choice of material. Should it be cotton, wool, or some sort of synthetic material (e.g. Thermax, Coolmax, acrylic)? Conventional wisdom says that if you have sweaty feet you should go with a synthetic, as their superior wicking ability will keep your feet dryer. If on the other hand you have feet that easily get cold, you would do well to buy yourself some wool socks. Wool socks are better insulators yet still retain respectable wicking ability.

After choosing the kind of material for your socks, you should look at the quality of the item. What you should specifically be looking for is density as well as stitching. The higher the density of the toe the better. If you turn the socks inside out you will see the small loops of which it is comprised. Ideally these should be as small and tightly packed as possible. This ensures the sock's cushioning as well as its ability to retain its cushion over long term use.

Check in next time for the conclusion of what to look for in a sock.


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