Thursday, April 27, 2006

I said Choose Your Socks Wisely

In the last post I began to explain what to look for in your next pair of socks. We covered some important ground and hopefully imparted a bit of sock knowledge upon you. Let's continue where we left off and finish up this lesson.

It's worth noting that the guidelines you've been reading apply more to athletic and hiking socks than they do to dress socks. Did you note it? Excellent, let's continue.

In addition to the thickness of the toe of the sock (as mentioned in the previous post), you should check out the thickness of the sock in it's entirety. If you have smaller feet, a thicker sock may benefit you by filling the empty space between your foot and the containing shoe. This will result in less sliding around inside the shoe, possibly preventing blisters as well as more serious injuries. Also, the sock will be more comfortable as it will provide you with more cushioning. You may want to look into different socks for different pairs of shoes or boots, using thicker socks in conjunction with looser fitting footwear and vice versa.

The seams in your socks are also extremely important. Most people would never think to examine a sock's seams, and they end up paying the price as a result. The problem that arises is when socks have thick obtrusive seams. These will end up aggravating your feet as they constantly rub against them inside the shoe. The longer you wear the shoe, the more severe the discomfort. What you want to look for is a flat seam that doesn't appear to
protrude too much. This should ensure comfort even after many hours.

Make sure that your sock also has a decent amount of elastic. This is so that it will fit snugly and not become baggy after a relatively small amount of use.

We're almost done! Stop by soon and learn a few more tips to maintain your socks once you've bought them. Till next time.... .


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