Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Ok, so you've bought a pair of socks that you like. You should probably try to take care of them now right? Here are some helpful maintainance tips for your socks:

Wash your socks inside out. This will help your washing machine get at the sweat buildup, which is on the inside of the sock. You can also use liquid fabric softenerto make them feel even softer. Too much however, will leave your socks feeling a bit slimy.

Don't dry your socks in a commerical dryer. They will shrink and possibly damage the fibers of your sock. Commericial dryers are too hot for your socks.

When you do dry your socks in your home, remember to take them out before they are entirely dry. Hang them up and let air dry.

Follow these tips and you and your socks will have a long productive life together


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